Newly Updated Auto Dealer Guidebook from Google

Have you seen the newly updated Auto Dealer Guidebook from Google?

In order to help car dealers navigate through today’s digital landscape, Google created a guidebook to assist. Now with the modern buying experience significantly altered due to the Covid crisis, Google has made updates to the guidebook to help dealers succeed in this new landscape.

Changing Sales Landscape

In 2019, only 1% of new car sales were conducted online. In 2020, that number increased to 10%. This significant growth in online sales means that your dealership must be well-positioned to succeed in this new landscape.

According to Google, 65% of shoppers discovered their purchasing dealership completely online. That statistic shows the importance of ensuring your dealership’s online presence is up to par with competing dealerships.

Home delivery of a newly purchased car is becoming more and more popular among users. Over 52% of buyers stated that they were comfortable purchasing a car online and having it delivered without ever seeing it in person previously.

Link to the Guide

Here is the link to the full Auto Dealer Guidebook from Google. It is filled with ideas on how to optimize and maximize your dealership’s online presence.

Dealer Guidebook: Google Dealer Guidebook