NEW! Vehicle Listing Ads on Google Search

eBizAutos is excited to announce the launch of Vehicle Listing Ads on the Search page. This new ad campaign allows dealerships to showcase individual vehicles via listing ads directly onto the Search page. These ads appear at the very top of the page, above the typical PPC search ads and SEO listings. The prominent placement of these new Vehicle Listing Ads allows for maximum exposure and visibility on the Search page. This campaign is the only way you can ever display ads with photos on Google Search’s homepage.

How It Works:
eBizAutos will set up an automated feed of your inventory to Google. When a user searches for a relevant keyword, a relevant vehicle will be displayed as a listing ad. The ad will include an actual photo of the vehicle, year, make & model, vehicle price and dealership info. If a user clicks the ad, they are sent directly to that vehicle’s page on your website.

User searches for a “used Honda Accord”
Honda Accord ads of actual dealer vehicles are showcased at the top of the page.

This new Google Vehicle Listing Ads campaign is available to all dealerships. Please contact eBizAutos Support to get signed up or for more info at: (800) 987-3249 or email: