How to Market to Spanish Speaking Car Buyers

Create Digital Marketing Campaigns that Target Spanish-Speaking Users

Spanish Speaking customers make up one of the largest segments of car shoppers. Aside from being one of the largest segments, it is also one of the fastest growing in America. Having specific marketing campaigns geared towards targeting Spanish users will yield additional leads for your dealership. The two most effective campaigns you can run to accomplish this are Google Search and Google Display.

Interest for Spanish Language Keywords Mapped Across the Country

How To Market Using Google Search

Most Spanish speaking users will use Spanish language keywords when searching on Google.

With Google Search, if you want to drive traffic to your website from Spanish speaking users, here are our tips on how to do it:

-Target Spanish language keywords in your search campaign
-Use Spanish language verbiage within the text ads
-Use a Spanish language landing page

Example Google Search ad in Spanish:

Some of the top keyword searches made in Spanish are:
-carros usados (used cars) 15,000 monthly searches nationally
-carros usados en venta (used cars for sale) 13,000 monthly searches nationally
-carros baratos (cheap cars) 12,000 monthly searches nationally
-trocas usados (used trucks) 10,000 monthly searches nationally
-carros usados en toyota (used toyota cars) 8,000 monthly searches nationally

How to Market Using Google Display

Aside from Google Search, the other effective way to bring in traffic from Spanish speaking users is utilizing Google Display.

With Google Display, you can serve banner-type ads to Spanish users as they browse the internet, visiting other websites. For Display campaigns, we recommend using Spanish language verbiage within the banner ads. We also recommend sending users to a landing page that is based in Spanish or is auto-translated.

Example Google Display ad:


Whether it’s using Google Search or Google Display or both, having robust digital marketing campaigns geared towards Spanish speaking users, is a very effective ways to bring in additional leads for your dealership.