Display Your Ads Directly Inside Gmail Mailboxes

Utilize Gmail Advertising to Increase the Reach and Visibility of your Dealership!

Gmail Advertising allows you to serve ads to users right inside their Gmail mailbox as they are checking their emails.

Gmail Ads are served on both Desktop and Mobile Devices. The ads for mobile are optimized so that they are seamlessly integrated within user’s mailboxes as they browse on their mobile devices.

Types of Ads you can utilize with Gmail Advertising:

  • Promote your vehicle specials
  • Promote special deals or offers
  • Promote your dealership brand

With Gmail Ads, you can target various Audiences to ensure you are reaching the most effective users.

Users that have previously visited your site can be targeted as a Remarketing Audience.

There are also other Audiences available to select for targeting, that are related to Interests or In-Market users. With these Audiences you can target based on a topic or market behavior of users.

Gmail Ads are served on a cost-per-click basis and you are only charged when users actually click the ad.

Ads are served in a collapsed view and when clicked, they expand to an expanded view, all the while staying within the Gmail screen.

Example of a collapsed ad (before clicking):

Example of an expanded ad (after clicking):


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