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The Highest-Ranked Honda Dealer In Houston

In business since 2001, Houston-based Honda of Spring sells and services new cars and has a large pre-owned operation as well. The dealership is a member of the Penske Automotive Group franchise, one of more than 170 across the United States. It was one of the first in its franchise to adopt digital marketing, after which it moved quickly to the highest-ranked position of Honda dealers in the Houston area.

That achievement can be attributed chiefly to the successful PPC AdWords campaign and strategy that Google AdWords Premier SMB Partner eBizAutos created for the dealership. It sought the help of eBizAutos when it wanted to increase traffic to its website and location.

Targeting The Brand

Prior to the campaign, Honda of Spring had been spending most of its budget on traditional advertising, and only very little on digital. But it wasn’t satisfied with its total store traffic. “Traditional media in Houston was hard to track and expensive,” says Chuck Jett, General Manager, Honda of Spring,” and we were missing a lot of areas.”

The PPC AdWords campaign from eBizAutos targeted the dealership’s brand, Honda, after analyzing its visibility and discovering that it wasn’t reaching beyond a tight radius, even though it’s part of the Houston metro area. So eBizAutos created a strategy of new cars targeted to a wider area around the store. It then focused on expanding the used car reach deep into Houston, as well as expanding service offerings. In addition, it targeted the lucrative—and overlooked by competitors—Spanish-speaking market.

Increased Traffic And Leads

The results were almost instantaneous. Within about a month, the dealership saw website traffic grow by 200% and phone traffic more than double. It received over 550 leads per month and has maintained that level since beginning the campaign, achieved a CTR of over 2%, and enhanced organic search performance. It’s also increased traffic to its desktop and mobile sites. Switching almost completely to digital Honda of Spring is now a huge advocate of digital marketing. In fact, it moved 80% of its budget to digital media. Chuck talks about working with eBizAutos before making the switch. “They spent a lot of time with me before I went into this evolution,” he says, “and I didn’t switch to using this digital strategy without being very, very comfortable with it because I was abandoning almost all traditional media.” He goes on to say that it was quickly evident that eBizAutos knew the landscape of the digital market. “They gave me the knowledge and confidence that they were working in my best interest,” he says. “We’ve had a great relationship, and they’ve been very supportive.” The dealership works with eBizAutos to review results regularly and makes changes based on the analytics. “Using AdWords allows us to search for customers and bring them to us,” says Chuck. “We look at the specific ad words and budgets to maximize our daily coverage. eBizAutos does a great job of managing that for us.”

Go Where Your Customers Are

Chuck speaks about how other dealerships who still use traditional media might view digital. “Car dealers don’t normally go in this direction,” he says. “We don’t like to stray far from what we’ve always done. But if you look at all the case studies with customers telling you they go online and do their research before they shop, to me it was only natural to go where the people were.” He likens it to a useful analogy. “If you want to catch fish, you go where the fish are at the time that they’re hungry and biting,” says Chuck. “I would say the digital space is where our customers are, and they’re there when they’re shopping for our product, and that’s when we want to go try and seek them out.”

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